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Nov 2, 2012 7:00pm EDT
and medicare in a portable care act. they're really good things that have been done by democrats. but i am not driven by ideology. in fact, nothing in the record suggests that i am ideologue or a partisan. i sponsored legislation that was a bipartisan effort. 1100 miles of fiber optic cable. i worked with the governor, republicans and democrats. i'm in this race because i want to make a difference and i will put the interest of maine's people and to suggest that because you have values you belong to a team, they somehow don't care about people is just really outrageous. obviously, as you can see from tonight's debate, it doesn't really mean anything other than you don't have a group. >> moderator: we have to stop right there. danny dalton? dalton: dalton: that is why i got all the signatures myself. i talked to the people, 6000 people. what was said was the two-party system is broke and we are putting money ahead of values when it comes to our elected officials. parties are controlled by lobbyist groups such as the u.s. chamber of commerce. places like health care and also immigration refo
Oct 30, 2012 1:00pm EDT
with the budget control act, this means closing tax loopholes, this means medicare saving money by negotiating drug prices directly. rea importation with canada. -- reimportation with canada. there are a lot of ways to save billions of dollars. we can say that we will always beat for lower taxes. we have cut taxes many times and i will continue to do that. but this will have to be a balance plan. >> i want to go back to something that mr. mandel was talking about. you attack them -- and now you are exceeding president obama's agenda 96% of the time. is this one-sided? >> what i have done is taken on the president of my own party when i think he is wrong. i disagreed with president clinton as a freshman member of the house on the north american free trade agreement. it was not easy opposing the president of the united states as a freshman member of congress and i have done this with barack obama on trade issues. i have done this with banking issues. on too big to fail, my legislation to break up the sixth largest trillion-dollar banks in this country, we lost on that but the support for this is
Oct 30, 2012 10:00am EDT
. it is not just jobs. it takes $700 billion out of medicare. there is only one candidate for the united states senate tonight who has voted to cut medicare. i also believe that it increases the cost of health care. we are seeing that already come close to $3,000 increase in health insurance premiums. it is going to cause our rural hospitals to close. i worked on the health care improvement act. i do not mind if my kids are on my insurance. i want them out of my refrigerator, but i do not mind if they are on my insurance. i think people should be able to buy insurance across state lines. those things will help to control the cost of healthcare. the cost of health care is the real problem. >> i am very proud of the work we did to reform health care in this country. a father came up to me in the middle of that debate and encapsulated what it meant for his family. he said, my daughter has epilepsy. when she pops out in her coverage and is no longer eligible because she's too old, there is not a single insurance plan that will take care. that is what health insurance reform means to me, he said. we
Oct 29, 2012 12:00pm EDT
"obamacare", 50% of doctors say they will say no to any new medicare patients. the rates have been brought down so much. he has cut medicare 716 barron dollars trip at the time in your life when health care matters so much, people will find less ability to choose the doctor they want. that is why when i am elected i will not cut medicare $760 billion. i will restore medicare and make sure seniors are given the promise -- [indiscernbile] if you are college student, and i know we have a lot of high school students here today, when you graduate, you will find that you have a lot of student debt. $10,000, $20,000, maybe more. you will be paying the interest on that for a long time. i have some news that is not very good news for our college- bound the people. when they graduate under the president's administration, half will not be able to find a good job. i want to make sure that people coming out of college are able to get a good job -- and one more thing, besides that student debt, because the president has been spending massively more than he has been taking in, where passing on debts to y
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
-span2. >> i regard medicare is not just a program but a promise. with my grandparents, i got to see how medicare works at a very young age. they paid in throughout their working life. we have to strengthen and extend its solvency, but i would note that tommy thompson supports a program to replace traditional medicare with a voucher. some people look to the private health insurance world with a piece of paper that does not keep up with costs -- tough luck. it is out of your own pockets. shifting costs to sailors us with a sweetheart deal with the drug company. >> medicare, ladies and gentlemen, is going to go bankrupt in the year 2024. i do not want medicare to go bankrupt. i want to fix medicare, but i want to make sure that seniors in america are protected. all of those ~ over the age of 50 by the year 2000 -- under the age of 50 a year 2000 will have a choice. i have never supported a voucher. what i support is a program that gives a choice to those 50 or under -- to a still want to be with medicare or do i want the federal health employee benefits that all the people in congress -- t
Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm EDT
we to do with $3 billion a day. preservebe able to programs and strengthen programs like medicare, social security, and we prioritize the way washington spends money. >> candidate gill. >> i would like to thank everybody for being here. and i would like to thank all of the sponsoring institutions. it is important. there are many reasons i am running. my wife, we have six children between us. department advocate just a few blocks away from here. a fair part of my day is spent saving lives and bringing people back from the brink. i want to go to washington now to help bring this nation back there ha bn twma people t many people, and it is justot right. i am somebody who ows struggle. my father, when he was a young man, he did not have time so we did not have anything extra going up. -- growing up. i'd bused tables and washed dishes. i am somebody who knows how to roll up his sleeves and get to work. a lot of politicians talk about politicians -- small business people. i am a small businessman. unlike my opponent, i have never been on a public payroll. i have never taken marching der
Nov 1, 2012 1:00pm EDT
care -- 1.2 million medicare recipients here in virginia now have eight additional years on medicare with extended medicare for another eight years. a healthy system. 63,000 young virginians have access to health care up to the age of 26. seniors now have access to preventive health care services, which is far cheaper treating it up front and an emergency room. we extended what governor romney did in massachusetts and did it nationwide and virginians have experienced improved health care and access because of that. education -- the president has been working on higher education higherpell grant access. -- higher education, grant access. a young woman told me i am not a democrat or republican, but i am supporting president obama because i am attending a local community college on a pell grant and president obama who doubled the size of pell grants so all of americans have access to higher education. if you look at the unemployment rate, if you have a bachelor's degree, 4%, associate's degree, about 6%. but if all you have is a high- school diploma, it is double digits. the president u
Oct 31, 2012 1:00pm EDT
they are running away from it now. look at what it does to medicare. as george said, it is shameless what they are saying. they are saying that we, we are hurting medicare. ladies and gentlemen, you know anyone on medicare? you are better off now than you were before we came in. $600 more for the doughnut hole. no co pay. saying to your doctor, no co pay for the annual visit. we have made it solvent. they would wipe it all out. the real secret, the real thing they are not talking about, are they going to talk about the convention? they are not talking about it now. the central element of the budget, they literally eliminated medicare as a guarantee program. even that train agrees with me. even the railroad knows i am telling the truth. [applause] here's the deal, here is the deal, you should all be aware of this, call-up anyone reaching the age of 65, when they become eligible for their new medicare plan, anyone who is automatically off of medicare, you can buy back in with a voucher. they would give you a coupon. but the coupon is designed not to keep pace with the cost of health care. t
Oct 31, 2012 10:00am EDT
debt, privatizing medicare, and social security, and in the funding education. -- and not funding education. we need to collaborate with both parties to solve problems and produce a balanced budget. my vision of government is a common-sense business approach by putting first the important issues on the front runner, regardless of political consequences. the best product on the list price, and best service. there is a difference between myself and my opponent tonight. 34 years at the ibm corporation with a reputation of working across the aisle while serving in the utah state senate. thank you for having us today. >> senator hatch? gregg's i'm glad to be here with you today. -- >> i'm glad to be here with you today. thank you for putting on this debate. our country is that a real crossroads. we are having real problems, and a question about it. but we know there is too much spending, too much regulation. we are $16 trillion in debt. should president obama be reelected, and i do not believe he will be, we will have over $20 trillion in debt. the average debt per family is $144,000.
Nov 2, 2012 10:00am EDT
health care and medicare and social security. , where there are rules to protect our kids from toxic dumping and mercury poisoning. we think the market works better when consumers are protected from unscrupulous practices in the credit-card industry or from mortgage lenders and we believe that no politician in washington should control health care choices that women can make for themselves. [applause] for 80 years, we had a president who shared our beliefs and his name was bill clinton. [applause] his economic plan passed the wealthiest americans to pay a little more so we could reduce our deficit and invest in our future. at the time, the republican congress and a senate candidate by the name of mitt romney said this would hurt the economy and kill jobs. it turns out that his judgment was just as bad back then as it is today. [applause] by the end of president clinton + second term, america created 23 million new jobs and incomes were up in poverty was down and we had the biggest surplus in our history instead of a deficit. we know the ideas we believe in work. we know of their idea
Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
of people you are reducing the cost and that savings that comes from medicare or medicaid funding is because the government does not pay its fair share. it affects the reimbursement rate and creates more uncompensated care. >> we will agree to disagree and move on. >> there is the other stuff about the bike path. >> will come back to the bike paths. >> let's move on to the issue of crime. the police chief points to what he calls the revolving door of repeat offenders in and out of the city. if you drive around they look like they are on the verge of becoming permanent badlands. this will erode any hope of the city's much promised and long talk about revitalization. we need drastic measures. >> let me give you what we're doing. first of all operation pressure point. states who are working with wellington police officers in the city. i have been out there with them, i have been at east 24th street. talk to the residence and they love seeing the people out of control. the state police working with probation and parole officers as well as use probation and parole officers. this is in the public
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11